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  1. crescent lake oasis, china
  crescent lake is a magnificent2) and extremely beautiful spring located in the gobi desert, about 6 kilometres south of dunhuang city in china. it is embraced by the echoing-sand mountain. the water of this lake is used by the farmers and the local people and that, combined with the lack of the rain in the area, is causing the lake, which has existed for thousands of years, to gradually disappear. the lake can be seen during your exciting journey on the silk road.
   2. umm al-maa, libya
  umm al-maa, which means mother of water, is one of the biggest lakes situated in an oasis. it is located deep within the sandy dunes3) of the ubari sand sea hidden in the libyan sahara. there are 16 more lakes in the surrounding area. some of them vanish from time to time4), but some exist constantly in the embrace of the desert. this salt lake is a famous trade centre for the local people. while the water is getting dirty, salt levels are becoming larger and even the same as in the dead sea, which makes swimming there quite easy.[論文網]
   3. oman desert oasis, oman
  this fresh and vivid oasis is located in the desert of oman. there are just a few oases in oman which are often used for botanical5) researches in the field of biology and biodiversity6). this place is famous for its spectacular wadis7)—river beds which cut through mountains or deserts. it includes green palm trees, clear turquoise8) water and is a symbol of life because it ensures9) the fertility10) of the region.
   4. huacachina, peru
  huacachina is a small oasis city situated in the ica region of southwest peru. this oasis, named "oasis of america" is a favorite destination for the local families and tourists. according to legend that magnificent lagoon11) was created when a beautiful princess was seen by a young hunter while she was bathing. she ran away in hurry, and the pool in which she was bathing turned into a lagoon. her gorgeous12) mantle13) formed the surrounding sand dunes, and she herself is believed to have transformed into an amazing mermaid living in the oasis.
   5. maranhao oasis, brazil
  imagine a desert of golden fine sands containing an oasis of aquamarine14) water lagoons. such a place exists and it is called maranho oasis. the crystal lake there is formed as part of a freshwater lake system which accumulates water from the rain during the first six months of each year and after that becomes almost dry. this beautiful desert lake is located in lenóis maranhenses national park, maranho, brazil which is famous for its unique beauty. in some of the lakes, there are palm trees and lush15) greenery16), while others are just barren17) wilderness.

 6. ein gedi oasis, israel
  the oasis of ein gedi is considered to be the largest along the coast of the dead sea in israel. it is hidden

in the desert near masada and the caves of qumrn, and in translation its name means "goat kid". this area is populated by a judean tribe which have inhabited18) the famous oasis since the time of the king solomon19). there one can admire large rocks and caves where antelopes20) roam21). that magnificent place is filled with fresh sparkling falls and lush vegetation22) that are a symbol of fertility and life in the endless desert.
   7. chebika oasis, tunisia
  chebika is a part of the collection of stunning23) oases in the northern tunisian mountain chain. less famous than the rest of them, chebika offers perhaps the most unforgettable view you have ever seen or experienced. this beautiful oasis is probably the widest one in the world. the oasis' name has been taken from one of the famous characters —chewbacca because it is where star wars episode iv: a new hope was shot.
   1. 中國的月牙泉
   2. 利比亞的烏姆邁湖
   3. 阿曼的阿曼沙漠綠洲
   4. 秘魯的瓦卡奇納綠洲
   5. 巴西的馬拉尼昂綠洲
   6. 以色列的艾因蓋迪綠洲
   7. 突尼斯的舍比凱綠洲
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